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The People's Email Network believes that by automating the process of connecting people to the right mail links and input gateways we can maximize participation in speaking out on this issue.
Should the 2004 election results be challenged now on the basis of black box voting fraud?  Voice your opinion at the People's Email Network.
  Liberty Bound leaves us with the question: “Is the United States bound for liberty – or does it just have liberty bound?
From their site: Liberty Bound was produced out of my desire to respond to the insanity and fear that has gripped our country since 9/11, in an entertaining and interesting way. Upon hearing conflicting stories between different groups of the government and media, I decided to take my own journey of discovery. I became the journalist; talking to American citizens about their experiences, feelings, and fears.
Check out the answer to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the conservative media at Air America Radio.
From their site:
Air America Radio is a collaborative effort that brings together a group of experienced radio entrepreneurs with a talented team of creative artists. We are a new voice in talk radio: a smart voice with a sense of humor. It brings to the marketplace an unserved need. We give voice to what millions of Americans are thinking, but can't hear on radio. Until now! features news, articles quotes, humor flash links letters activist information and opinion about issues which often receive scant coverage by the media. The strength of the corrupt corporate elite lies in the ignorance of the people. Our goal is to shine a light on social injustice, political corruption, and environmental destruction.

Visit the CTRally site and view some photos and a video of the January 20th Hartford Rally or the Yale Protest site and view some photos from May 21st.

 If you are looking for a place to discuss the recent tragedy perpetrated by terrorists in the United states, visit the YGroup 911-2001.
 Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian newspaperman at the Toronto Daily Star since 1922, made the switch to radio in 1942.    In 1957 he became a charter member of a weekly panel show on the CBC-TV Network - FRONT PAGE CHALLENGE - which developed into Canada's longest-running television program, and which was terminated in 1995.
The famous television BROADCAST  "The Americans" was first aired June 5, 1973 on CFRB's  LET'S BE PERSONAL.  
Scott R. Hotchkiss

Read the original transcript and/or listen to the original broadcast, "The Americans".  Download (right click and save target as) an MP3 file of the broadcast put to music.

 The political meaning of the word Liberal is "empowerment of the individual" and the word conservative is "authoritarian".  This means it is all about the distribution of political power or authority not resources.  The current conservatives want you to believe the complete opposite.  I am proud to be a Liberal in the true political meaning of the word.

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 Everything you wanted to know about Viruses, Hoaxes, Virus Myths, Urban Legends and Hysteria and came here to ask.

 Virus, Hacking, Spy-ware and Spam protection,  privacy in a public place.

The official Watchdubya site  is up.  This site, WatchDubya Links and Stuff, will remain to continue the efforts in providing a common information center to be shared by all.  Most of this information here was gleaned from mailing list and news groups like the ones listed here.  If you have a Link or some useful information that could be posted here, email it to This site contains links to many resources that will get the newcomer up to speed with what is going on and keep the veterans informed on new issues.  You will find links to many mailing lists that you can subscribe to or newsgroups to join that will allow you to talk with other that feel the same way you do.  There are links to other Web sites where some will have original information and others will just provide links like this site does, further expanding the web of information.  There are even links to petitions you can sign.  There is a section that has links to news articles that you will find very informative.  You will also find some contributions that some people have sent to me posted here.  On the lighter side, you will find some Slogans and jokes that have been floating around.  Most of the things on this site have been gleaned from the mailing lists and news groups list here.  Make this your starting point on your quest to find out how Bush stole the election.


Vouchers are the first step in the privatization of the public school system.  If vouchers are implemented the public school system will not be able to survive financially.  Do you really think that our Corporate leaders should be in control of what and how our children learn?

We do not protest the Vote in Florida, it never happened.  We are protesting the selection and the selection process.

This isn't about who won or lost anymore.  It is about how the winner got to be selected.

I have always thought that the so called recession was contrived.  I think that the republicans needed to send the economy in a downturn in order to have any hope in winning the election (as if they did).  Now with the economy seemingly in a tailspin they can get more people agreeable to settle for things like Tax cuts, Oil drilling in Alaska, School vouchers etc....   All of these things rely on a downward spiraling economy in order to justify them.  You can get people to accept more garbage when they are hungry.

Nov 8 2000, George W. Bush's camp stated that Al Gore should be a man and concede the election.  They had it backwards.  Mr. Bush should have been a man and agreed that the fair and honest thing to do was to count the votes.  Then he should have worked hard along  with everyone concerned to figure out the best way to count them.  As it turns out, he obviously wasn't man enough for the first task, and he apparently wasn't intelligent or honest enough for the second task.

George W. Bush is constantly claiming to hold out a bi-partisan hand.  If he were truly extending a bi-partisan hand we would have counted the votes in Florida, not counting was a Partisan move.  He would not have appointed Norton,  as this was a Partisan move.  He would not have appointed Ashcroft, as this was a Partisan move.  Why am I reminded of a chicken bully that punches someone and then franticly asks to be friends when they get up and start to run after him.
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WARNING: It is possible that a GOP strategy includes infiltrating these mailing lists and instigating a mood where we start throwing verbal punches at each other? Next time you see a post that might get you verbally swinging at another poster, delete it, don't fall for the ploy, don't respond to it.

000AAA_Democrats - (37/227)
Activism - (43/59)
Activism_USA - (65/75)
AlGore2004 - (51/62)
AmericanSecrets - Warning, this group's owners and Moderators practice some very questionable tactics, Please read this
anti-bush-league - (24/108)
Bush Brothers Banana Republic - (185/1339)
BushBusters - (32/58) - Warning, this group's owners and Moderators practice some very questionable tactics, Please read this
bushcoup - (71/1138)
BushNazi - (94/50)
bushoccupation - (209/637)
CitizensAgainstBush - (88/683)
Citizens For Legitimate Government - (349/5959) - CLG is not a place for venting but a place for planning action.
Defeat Ashcroft - (115/1724)
Dem Activist - (5604/10)
Dem Florida Strategy - (517/6548)
Democrat - (156/400)
Democrat Forum - (52/163)
Democratic Alliance - (91/245)
Democratic Underground - These are regional, Click here to locate the Action Group for your area.
Democratic Victory 2000 - (93/321)
Democrats Connection - (60/42)
Democrats Only - (51/222)
Dem Weekly - (4787/11)
DubYaGate - (15/0)
ElectionDay2000 - (13/30)
Exposes - (12/35)
fight-the-right - (67/108)
Fix Gov - (59/576)
FlowersForTipper - (33/1178)
Friends of Al Gore - (55/295)
Fraud Free Vote - (20/26)
Gore2004worldwidePD - (24/148)
gore 2k1 - (63/136)
Gore for President - (105/276)
GOREn4 - (60/??)
Gore Supporters - (90/1140)
Greens4Gore - Changed to Greens4DemocraticVictories - Warning, this group appears to be an un-witting front for Republican propaganda and the group's owners and Moderators practice some very questionable tacktics, Please read this
GreensForGore-Organizers - (70/213)
HomeOfTheBrave - (32/250)
I01 - (219/378) - DC Rally based
I20 DC Planning - (4/25) - DC Rally based
I20-NYC There may be more coming for each State?? - DC Rally based
Impeach-Bush - (93/327)
ImpeachBush - (26/85) - (not the same as above)
Impeach-Dubya - (18/64)
Impeach G W Bush - (45/144)
Impeach Jeb - (76/371)
Impeach Son Of a Bush - (95/675)
Indecision 2000 - (42/??)
Internet Democrats 1 - (242/451)
J20 Action - (407/992) - DC Rally based
J20-MA There may be more coming for each State?? - DC Rally based
JOIN-CATNIP - (65/50)
Left-Wing - (32/418)
leftwing - (194/973)
Liberal Dems1 - (33/172)
pbcyds - (31/49) - Palm Beach County Young Democrats
Political Amazon - (16/9)
Political Group - (31/461)
StandingUpToTheFlyingMonkeyRight - (52/194)
The_Resistance - (51/70)
Trust The People - (1485/4)
trustthepeople-disc - (445/2328)
Find your local TrustThePeople list - DC Rally based
US Democrat  - (226/906)
Find your local mailing list by replacing US with your State. i.e. for Connecticut.
Voter - (730/7195)
Find your local State Voter group. - DC Rally based
Watch Dubya - (241/1760)
We Will Remember - (72/215)
We Hate Bush - (38/178)

News Groups:

Web Sites:
Boycott Republicans
Bush Backlash!
Bush BoyZ Stole the Vote
Bush Campaign political satire site
Bush Cheated
Bush Impeachment
Bush is an Idiot
Bush Is Not President
Bush on Crack
Bush Zapper
Citizens At Large
Citizens For Legitimate Government
Consumers unite against Bush
Count The Votes
Democratic Underground
Democrats With Spine
Did Bush Commit Perjury?  If they archived this article you may have to look for it.
Dubya's World
Failure is impossible
Fear Bush
Florida State Workers
Fraud Free Vote
Free Speech Central - Home of Bill's Best Links
Free Word
GAG ~ Grannies Against George
George W Bush -- not a crackhead!
George W. Bush or Chimpanzee
GWBush Art - More Anti-Bush Links
Impeach Bush I
Impeach Bush II
International Action Center
It's the end of the world as we know it!
J20LA - Counter Inaugural
Jane's Handy Links
Left Bumper - Spread the truth with Left Bumper stickers
Liberty Bound - A US Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11.
Main Street Journal
Nashville Insanity and Breaking News
Open Secrets - find who is donating and how much
Online Journal - This is where you can find all of the news.
Open Threat - A politically Independent Limbaugh watch-dog.  Contains Streaming audio broadcasts—updated every Monday. Logical responses to Limbaugh lies and more.  Requires Flash and JavaScript enabled browsers.
People For American Way
President Moron
Protest Calendar
Protest Net
Rainbow Push  Coalition
Resident-Select George Bush
Skolnick's Report
Smudge Report 
Soft Money Laundromat - find who is donating and how much
The Peoples Voice
The Public Eye
The Smirking Chimp
Trust The People
"W" Impeachment Movement (WIM)
With Liberty and Justice for Some

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Abolish the Electoral College (I)
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Al Gore has won the popular support in the election, he should be President
Al Gore, Stand Firm!
Appeal the Supreme Court Decision
Challenge of Presidential Election "Fraud" in Florida
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Getting Rid of the Electoral College!!!
Gore in 2004
Impeach George W. Bush
Jeb Bush - Your are in violation of the will of the people of your State - You have once publicly recused yourself on Nov 8th - and now your honor is lost. We call for your impeachment from Governor of the State of Florida for your reckless action taken to obstruct the fair Election of President of the United States in the year 2000.
Mr. Bush, we do not want your tax cut.
Petition for Justice
US Supreme Court, We Are Outraged!!!

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Activists Handbook - This is a must read
After holiday break, ballot review may take 3 weeks
American Memory Deficit Disorder
Bush's Phony 'Bipartisanship'
Clinton Says Republicans Won by Stopping Vote
Democrats to investigate voter problems in 2000 election
Election inquiry summons Bush
Electors from Texas violated the 12th Amendment
Gore moves ahead in Florida recount
Herald, Knight Ridder review Broward ballots
Hillary's White House-in-Waiting?
Inaugural protests expected
Joint session of Congress expected to certify electoral vote
New supervisor vows to reform elections office
None Dare Call It Treason
Republican rules of order - The Bush people say the law works this way -- except when they need it to work the other way around. 
Reversal of Environment Initiatives Is Proposed
The Case Against Florida's Electors
The Five Worst Republican Outrages
The "Florida Fourteen"
Was George W. Bush "Involved" in an Illegal Abortion??

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Myra's Dump Dubya ToDo

Become a compassionate conservative. find an illegal alien and give them some spending money to clean your house.
Bubba Dubya
Bush Doesn't Count
Bush Selected, Not Elected
Democrats are inclusionary - Republicans are exclusionary!
Don't confuse counting ballots with counting votes.
GOP: For Big Business; Against Small Business
Gore got more, show Bush the Door!
Jail to the Thief!
No Sex in the White House, while Screwing the Nation.
President Select Bush
Resident Select bush
Selected, Not Elected
Show Bush the door in 2004!
Stop the count while I'm ahead
The Ballots were counted but not the votes!
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Dubya's Like a Post Turtle
Deer in headlight... Don't insult the deer!
George Dubya Bush suffers from two serious conditions:
 Electile dysfunction and Premature Congratulation
George W. Bush was asked if he knew what Roe vs.. Wade was about.
He said that was the decision George Washington had to make before crossing the Delaware.

If Laura Bush really wanted a gown that reflected the spirit of this inauguration, she should have shoplifted it.
In 1555 Nostradamus wrote: "Come the millennium, month twelve, In the home of greatest power, The village idiot will come forth"
In the dictionary, Republican comes just after Reptile and right before Repugnant.
Lincoln bedroom
Pearly Gates

The long "Your a Republican if...." list
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