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Anti-Worker and Anti-Union!

They support Limbaugh hate radio and National Review magazine attacks on Chelsea Clinton. 

They also supported the Ashcroft nomination!

Find great selections and discounts at other sites, like Borders Books or Barnes & Noble.



                     To get this 4" by 15" bumper sticker click here and e-mail your address to Danny.    

                          I suggest that you donate two dollars, but he will send it free if you cannot.


                                    Welcome To The Resistance !


Sunday, March 25 - Academy Award Protests

Saturday, March 31 - Celebrate Al Gore's Birthday

Saturday, April 7 - March on CNN Center in Atlanta

Sunday, April 22 - The Emergency March for Women's Lives

 Senate Park, Washington D.C. at 11 a.m. to the Washington Monument for 1 p.m. Rally

Thursday, May 17 thru Monday, May 21 - National Strike One 

NATIONWIDE everyone should call in sick with 'coup flu' for these five days.

Saturday, May 19 - Voter Rights March in Washington, D.C.

At the Mall at Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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Buzzflash -
BEST ! Updated several times daily - Great story links & reader comments -
BEST ! Updated daily - Very good links to news & opinions

      ACTION ALERTS !     URGENT !  Please read this Online Journal story.

Act for Change - BEST ! Complete resource center for activism, lots of New Actions!

Bush Brothers Banana Republic - BEST ! My choice for Number One!  Action Alerts updated daily!  

Citizens for Legitimate Government - BEST ! Very good internet activist site, Important Calls to Action! 

Congress Watch Dogs - Citizen activists for campaign finance reform, clean environment, etc.     NEW !

Countercoup - Restoring Democracy to America, organizing Nationwide Voter Actions

Creative Protest - Do good by doing bad!  Unique protest ideas for us, Action Alert     NEW !

Failure Is Impossible - BEST ! Great resources and links.  Click  'DO SOMETHING' link - Online action & impact - Excellent site!  Many organized Action Alerts     NEW !    

INFACT - Take action to stop corporate abuse.  Ongoing & new activities.     NEW !

Jay's Leftist Links - Action Alerts, details on AMAZON.COM anti-worker activities     NEW !    

Make Them Accountable - BEST !  WHAT WE CAN DO TO STOP THEM !     A MUST READ!

National Strike One - From May 17-May 21   CALL IN SICK !  by Estrella Berosini     NEW !

Project CNN - Take back our Media, one network at a time.  Protest in Atlanta on 4/7, 2001.

Voter March - Central organizing for Voter's Rights March on May 19, 2001, Action Alerts     NEW !

VoterMarch DC - Organizing & planning in Washington, D.C. for May 19, 2001 March     NEW !   

Watch Dubya Links  -  BEST ! A great site for petitions, letters, networking, mass e-mails and more!


With Liberty and Justice for Some - BEST ! An excellent site!  Great resource center!

20/20 Vision - Action Alerts, Tips on letter writing, calling radio talk shows, other tools     NEW !


The Great Boycott - John Rappaport's effort to boycott Dow, Dupont, Monsanto & others     

Declaration of Independence - BEST !  A list of companies to boycott

GOP Election Day -
BEST ! A long list of companies to boycott, with links to them


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Activist Handbook - By - A good practical introduction to political activism     NEW !

Congressional E-mail Directory - Fast, easy to use - By webslingerZ and Jeffrey Hoffman

Congressional Information -  Public Citizen - Find your members' address, phone, fax, & e-mail.  NEW !

Contact your Senators - Get e-mail addresses & contact info for the 107th Congress     

Contributors List - Largest contributors to Smirk - The "Pioneers' Profiles"     NEW !

Corporate Contributors - From Opensecrets - Largest corporate contributors to Smirk     NEW !

E-Mail Blaster - Do mass e-mails with a click! By Cribsheet Software     

E-The People - Online petitions, comments, discussions     

Fax Your Senator - Compose a fax, then click to send it.        

Group Mail - Free from Infacta - Do group messaging to up to 100 recipients at a time. 

MapQuest - Get free maps and driving instructions     NEW !

Media Blitz - Easy to use E-mailer for TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Online Resources - From - Links to resources for activist research      NEW !

Open Secrets - Follow the money!  Search by ZIP code or state for contributors.     NEW !     

Petition Online - Internet petition resource.  Create a new petition, or find one and sign it!     

Register to Vote - Easy to do process with Rock the Vote &     

Send One E-Mail to 50 Media - BBBR list of Media e-mail addresses. Group e-mail them.    

SpeakOut - Sign a petition online.     

State Politics - From - State office holders, National Parties, news sources     NEW ! 

Talk Radio & TV - Call-in phone numbers (from Mediawhoresonline)     

Virtual Activist - An online training guide from NetAction

Write to Congress - Find & write to your Representative in Congress.  Service of C-SPAN 

Write a Letter to President Gore - Also to Congress, the major media, and the world.     NEW !    


Freeality - Internet search - Reverse Lookup, E-mail & Resources     NEW !

Google Usenet Search - Google  (Deja News) archive of searchable newsgroup messages NEW !

Navigator - From the New York Times - Used by reporters to research the Web - Huge!     NEW !  

Net Depot - Search the Web using one or all of the 15 best search engines.     NEW ! - Huge Internet reference source, search engine, facts, news     NEW !

Searcher - From Cold Mountain - Access any of the 25 best Search Engines     NEW !  


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Democratic Congressional Campaign - Take back the House in 2002!  Help us win!     NEW !

Democratic Congressional Caucus - Group of Progressive Members     NEW !

Democratic Governors' Association - Vote for Democratic Governors in 2001 & 2002     NEW !

Democratic National Committee - First look at 2002 elections for Democrats     NEW !

Democratic Senatorial Campaign - Take back the Senate in 2002!  Join our campaign!     NEW !

Democratic Underground - Good!  Has weekly 'Top 10 Conservative Idiots', Good links     NEW ! 

Local Democrats and Activists - List of e-mail and websites for Local Democratic Parties  NEW !


Campus Activist Resources - Web resources for campus-based activists     NEW !

Center for Campus Organizing - Great links to student activist groups, think tanks, etc.     NEW !     

Wiretap Magazine - Online information source by and for socially conscious youth     NEW !     

Young Democrats of America - Organization of young voters supporting the Democrats     NEW !


Anti-Pat Robertson - and Anti-Christian Coalition site     NEW !

Bushkills - Smirk's record of 152 executions as Governor of Texas     NEW !

Enemies of Religious Freedom - Well documented list of right-wingers and their threat to us. NEW !

Legalizing Murder - GOP moves to lift assassination ban in 2001 with HR 19     NEW !

Pardons by Bush Sr. - An airline bombing terrorist & a Pakistani heroin smuggler set free     NEW !

Reagan Administration - The most corrupt administration ever! The evidence documented     NEW !

Scarlet Letters - The romantic affairs of six GOP members of Congress     NEW !

Ten Commandments - Of the Republican Party - The real truth about their leaders     NEW !

The Way Things Aren't - Exposes in detail some of Rush Limbaugh's disinformation & lies     NEW !


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Citizens for Tax Justice - Latest analysis of proposed tax bonanzas for wealthy GOP     NEW !

Citizens for True Democracy - Advocates for fair elections & abolishing the Electoral College     NEW !     

Amnesty International - Working to protect human rights worldwide     NEW !

Campaign Finance - Follow the money - The Campaign Finance Information Center     

Campaign for America's Future - Progressive leaders are united! - Great articles!    NEW !   

East Timor Action Network - Join the efforts for Justice & Peace in East Timor.     NEW !

FairVote - Center for Voting & Democracy - All about the best ideas for election reform

Free Burma Coalition - Unocal out of Burma!  Cheney/bush/Halliburton supports the military junta!   

Free the Panchen Lama! -11 year old Tibetan Panchen Lama, 1 of 500,000+ Chinese political prisoners

Free Tibet! - Free the Tibetan people from Chinese government oppression!     

Human Rights Watch - Monitoring human rights issues worldwide     NEW !

Pro-Democracy Campaign 2001 - Support the 'Voters' Bill of Rights'     NEW !

Project Censored - Top 25 Censored Media Stories of every year from 1989 to 2000     NEW !

Right-wing 101 - By Public Eye - Find what turns them into mindless hate-filled drones.     NEW !

Right Wing Watch - Online from People for the American Way     NEW !

Stop the FTAA - The Free Trade Area of Americas.  Like NAFTA it globalizes corporate greed 

Sweatshop Watch - A coalition committed to ending sweatshop conditions     NEW !

     PROGRESSIVE LINKS                                                       Top of Page

Action Resource Center - Lots of activist links, resources, Free Burma Project     

Adam Rifkin's Activism Links - Huge list of links     

Ballot-Box - Political links, Bulletin Board, stories

Jay's Leftist Links - Alerts, story links, Leftist & Progressive Internet Resources Directory     NEW !

Left-links - Large categorized list of links for the Left     NEW !          

Online Journal - BEST ! Large site - Activist Network, cartoons, stories

Organizers' Collaborative - Over 150 comprehensive links to technology and organizing     

Pearly's Liberal Links -
BEST ! Very good list of Liberal links        

Politics and Activism Centre - BEST ! Great resource site! Civil Rights organizations links, etc.

Student Activism Links - Large list from Jay's Left Links     NEW !

WebActive Directory - Over 2100 links to Progressive sites


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Anti-Bush Banners - Free animated banners for websites, Karla Faye Tucker Links     NEW !

Ballotchad - Good ideas and commentary     NEW !

Basic American Truth - Free web banners for your website     NEW !

Bartcop - BEST ! New issue daily - Stories, e-mails, cartoons & links

Boot Newt Sing-Along Page - Over 600 original political song parodies by Bill Tong     NEW !

BushBoyZStole The Vote - BEST ! Great site!  Read 'Bush moves to end assassination ban

Bush Brothers Banana Republic - BEST ! My choice for Number One!  Has everything!

Bush Countdown Clock - Count the time until he is gone!  Add the clock to your page free.

Chadsux - Good satire, cartoons, news, views, & nice list of activist links     

C. M. Helwig Institute - BEST ! Good serious articles, humor, great 'OODLES OF LINKS' 

Citizens Against Bush - Friends of Bill/Citizens Against Bush.  Good info & links to articles.     NEW !

Conservative Hypocrisy Award - Good site.  A member of 10 WebRings     NEW !

Conservatively Incorrect - An online book of Liberal Political Humor & Opinion by Rack Jite    NEW !     

Coup2k - By John Dee - Thorough documentation and articles on the Coup     NEW !

Coup d'état - Serious commentary, documentation, Very long list of Alternative Media     NEW !

Daily Dubya - Small but good.  Links to articles and commentaries     NEW ! - Excellent commentaries by Dave Chandler and links to breaking news     NEW !

Every Vote Counts - Very good site - links to articles, Act Now! action alerts     NEW !

Festival of Mendacity - Lots of info here, presented with creative humor and graphics     NEW !     

Florida 2002 - Election reform ideas and activities - Restore Democracy in Florida!

Floridagate - A nice small site by Sharon Toji, a disability consultant.  Drop by and e-mail her. NEW !

Fringe Folk - A Directory - For all of us who voted with the majority on Nov.7, 2000

georgebushwhackers - Very good site - Share your ideas, read commentaries, take action     NEW !

Hocus-POTUS - Good site.  Has reports of paper currency marked with 'Bush Cheated', etc. NEW ! 

Issues & Alibis - By Uncle Ernie - Good humor, cartoons, & serious commentary     NEW !     

Little George - Good site - Has a suggestion to write "Bush is a fraud" on all paper money     NEW !

Maine Women Online - Excellent site!  Has archives of J20 protest speeches, Lots of links   NEW ! 

Make Them Accountable - BEST ! Great site! Good ongoing Message Boards

One Liberals' Politics - Good humor, small site done well!     NEW !

Poem To The People - Excellent poem by Tamara Lynn Scott to be read at May 19 Rally.    NEW !

Resident Bush - Very informative site - good stories & links

Restore Democracy - More good links & stories, Some items dating back to Nov. 7, 2000

Robert Lederman - Long list of essays on Bush, chemical spraying, and other topics.     NEW !

Roe V. Bush - Pro-choice activists allied with Planned Parenthood take on the right-wing     NEW !

Thief In Chief - Very good news articles, commentary     NEW ! 

Smirk-O-Rama - By Political Amazon - Huge list of links to articles & more.     NEW !

Stop Dubya - Good new site.  Has news headlines, Voter Alerts, commentaries    

That Son of a Bush!!! - Good site, good commentary by Eric Rainbolt.  Countdown clock.    NEW !

The Rule of Law - 673 Law Professors say that the Supreme Court acted as political partisans NEW !

The Smirking Chimp - Great stories and news, funny photos and cartoons

Vote Fraud in Tennessee - Over 20 states had evidence of voter fraud.  Read the latest evidence.

'W' Impeachment Movement - Interesting new site.  Good links and commentary


A Tribute To Snippy - Lots of good anti-smirk and anti-GOP links - The Ultimate anti-bush links list - over 166 links

Hail to the Thief -
BEST ! Separated into 45 serious sites & 56 parody sites

Trust the People-Related Linx - BEST ! Good list of over 100 links


Top of Page   News   Activist Tools   Democrats   Progressive   Anti-Bush  Media  T-Shirts  Posters


Albion Monitor - Very good story links to news, politics, environmental issues    

Al Gore Won! - Good site for stories, news, etc.     

American Politics - BEST ! Huge site - Lots of stories, news, etc.

American Prospect - Online version - Very good stories, news, forums, books     NEW !

American Review - Great links and stories

Citizens-at-large - Links to recent news stories.  Updated frequently.     NEW !   

Common Dreams - BEST ! A Progressive leader - Stories, news, links to Progressive radio & Media

Consortium News - Good stories and commentaries

FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - Excellent news media coverage - Action Alerts     NEW !

Free Radical Chronicle - Very informative!  Excellent stories

Liberal Slant - Good editorials & stories

Nation Magazine - BEST ! Top Progressive news - Read "None Dare Call It Treason"    NEW !

Online Journal - BEST !  Great news articles, stories, and opinions.  A highly respected news source!

Progressive - Excellent magazine - Progressive online stories & news     NEW ! Politics - Updated daily, most articles have liberal/progressive tone     NEW !

Slate Magazine Online - Updated daily - Owned by Michael Kinsley - usually very good     NEW !

Smudge Report - Good stories, news, and lots of links to Media, etc.     

Tom Paine - Progressive news stories & opinions

USNewsLink - Online news stories, forums, links to AP News raw feed, UPI photos     NEW !     

Z Magazine - Huge site - Great activist and radical stories, links, and resources


Top of Page   News   Activist Tools   Democrats   Progressive   Anti-Bush   More News   T-Shirts


AJR Newslink - Links to newspapers, magazines, radio, & TV     

AWOL - BEST ! Large list of links to newspapers & television     

Alternative & Independent Media - Long list of links to alternative media     

American Review - Nearly 900 e-mail addresses to newspapers & other Media    

Capitol Strategy - Hundreds of links to all Media

ConWebWatch - Read "Slanted & Enchanted" about how Moonie-owned UPI slants news.     NEW !

Democratic/Progressive Talk Radio - BEST ! Listen to live shows over the Internet.

Drudge Retort - Lots of links to Progressive Media and writers (Good satire)

Make Them Accountable - BEST ! Great site! Good list of liberal talk radio show hosts

Media Mafia - The truth about who owns the major Media - from     NEW !      

Media Whores Online - Exposing the corrupt journalists & hate-filled right-wing media     NEW !    

News Directory - Over 1700 Links to newspapers, magazines & Media     

Radio Stations - Huge list - Includes Internet radio - from

Stop Hate Radio! - Using selective boycotts and other ideas.  Send him your ideas on this.  NEW ! 


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     T-SHIRTS              Bumper Stickers   Buttons   Cartoons   Label Stickers   Posters   Forums

Auntie Fashions - Has 1 design - 'Hail to the cheats!'  Funny cartoon     NEW ! 

Bulltee - 5 Designs - 'I (do not) love the Electoral College'

Bush or Chimp? - Has 10 funny designs - Good humor on Main page, too.     NEW !

Cafepress - 53 Designs - Largest selection - But also carries pro-bush stuff.  (A profiteer)

Mad About Chad - BEST ! 8 Designs - 'Jail to the Thief!', 'Bush Cheated - Hocus-POTUS'     

No George W! - 1 Design - Impeach GW Bush - America's 'Bastard' President     

Protestwear - 6 Designs - 'Hey, Bush - Count This!'

Shirt Magic - 4 Designs (has 'Official Supreme Court Appointed' design)

Victory is Certain - Has 'Lush-Cheney' design     NEW !

Votes Count 2002 -
BEST ! 12 designs, bumper stickers & buttons, too  'Kiss My Ashcroft"         


American Politics - Over 15 designs  (has 'GOP: Gang Of Perverts' design)

bush cheated - Has 'bush cheated' design - 3 Designs (T-shirts, too) - has 'Hail to the Thief' design

CRETINworld - 8 Designs - has 'Just another tax cut for the Greedy Old Pigs' 

Dumbya - BEST ! 18 Designs - like 'Bush stole my vote' & 3 T-shirt designs

First Amendment Center - Has 6 designs, 'Stolen Election 2000', 'Bush Lost', & buttons     NEW !     

Go back to Texas - Has 'Re-elect Gore Lieberman 2004' design -
BEST ! 11 Great designs - like 'Don't Blame Me-My Vote Didn't Count' 

Hypocrite Party - Has 3 bumper stickers. 'President Dumb Ass-You Bet I'm Bitter'     NEW !

Impeach bush Bumper Stickers - Has 'Impeach Bush'

Impeach the Bushs - 'Remember in November (2002)' & 'Impeach Bush - Both of 'em' 

Peoples Choice - Has 'Al Gore is my President' bumper sticker     NEW ! - Has 11 designs - Colorful 'We've Been Ambushed' (More Bushspoofs)     NEW !

Sonofa-Bush - Has 'Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote For That SON OF A BUSH'      NEW !   

Stickers etc. - 18+ designs 'Appointed-Not Elected', 'I voted-Didn't count' (A profiteer)    

Stolen Election 2000 - 4 designs 'Don't blame me! I voted for the REAL WINNER' T-shirts, too NEW !

What President? - 'He is not my president' bumper stickers, T-shirts, toilet paper, buttons     


Adam Clymer Fan Club - 4 buttons - 'The GOP Can Kiss My Ass'

Chadsux - 12 designs 'Dumb as a box of rocks'  also 2 bumper stickers     NEW !     

Digital Art - BEST ! 23 buttons - 'Hail to the Thief'  &  'Selected-Not Elected'     

LickBush - 24 designs for buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts. 'Bush Sucks' 'Dubya is Dumb'  

Oral Majority Online - 7 buttons & 2 bumper stickers  'Impeach the GOP' 

Political Shop - 'Retallyation'  & other buttons  (A profiteer)

     CARTOONS                               Top of Page

Bush Art -
BEST ! Huge collection from many artists & cartoonists

Carol Simpson Cartoons - BEST ! Great cartoons!  Pro-Union, Pro-Worker, funny stuff !     NEW !

C D Norman - His 'Fabulous Picture Page' - good cartoons!     NEW !
Cunningham Strikes! -
BEST ! A new cartoon daily -Also T-shirts & great links list

Wizard of Whimsy -
BEST ! Some of the best cartoons on the Net 


Anti-Bush Graphics - For printing or web pages.  Has animated graphics, also    

Bush Brothers Banana Republic - BEST ! Also great links, news, action alerts, & more. Well done!

Defend Democracy - Official Ballot Box protest stickers for sale.  (For trash dumpsters, etc.)  NEW !

Illegitimate Prez - BEST ! Graphics for stickers  'Coup D'etat'  &  'Illegitimate President'     

Protest Illegal President - Sticker graphics to put on envelopes to mail

Smirk-O-Rama - Free protest labels and labels to buy.     NEW ! - Copy free stickers - 'Rescumican' 'Bush=Corruption' & Good Home page     NEW !        

     POSTERS                                              Top of Page

Brad Kayal - 9 poster designs - 'Corporate Puppet' & 'White House - FOR SALE'

Darrias Political Art -
BEST ! Several designs - 'Gore Got More'  Unique art - Funny!

Free Wanted Poster - 'Wanted for Theft of the Presidency - Antonin Scalia'     

Illegit bush -
BEST ! 5 designs - 'Republicans are hazardous to Democracy'     

No Vote=No Voice - BEST ! 9 designs - 'Kangaroo Kourt Klowns' (The 5 Supremes) 

Poster Office - 9 posters - 'Investigate Votergate' 

Trust the People - 9 posters - 'Reboot This Election-Trust The People' 

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