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From: Jim Mooney [mailto:kana@fcol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 5:37 AM
To: Voter@egroups.com
Subject: [Voter] PROUD TO BE A LIBERAL!!!


I know you're not supposed to shout on the net, but I think it's time we
started shouting this again. It's one of a number of ideas for Marching
Signs I've given a lot of thought to.

For too long, the repugs, with their incessanct drumbeat of hate, lies,
and ridicule, have made people who should know better almost embarrased
to say they are liberals.

Think what a horrible, horrible moral inversion this is.

We change the subject rather than be identified as being for fair play,
compassion, and justice.

On the other hand, repugs will bray from rooftops that they are of the
party of Jesse Helms.  The party whose leaders Consistently vote for
greed, hate, oppression, religious bullying, intolerance, racism, white
collar crime, rape of the environment, lowered wages, the destruction of
worker's rights, and just generally, anything human or humane.

Put a bill in Congress that hurts people and Trent Lott will vote for
it.  Put a bill in that helps people and he will fight against it.
Every time.

We have been asleep to allow this terrible moral inversion.  We should
be shouting our virtues, not hiding them.

For the past ten thousand years, it has been the moral norm, though not
always practiced, to show compassion for the poor.  Along comes  that
pimple Rush Pigbaugh, who calls out to the worst sort of scum, and it is
suddenly "cute" to ridicule the poor, and kick them, and make their lot
worse.  All goodness has been stood on its head and we have allowed it
by silence and faintheartedness.  We have smiled as we were attacked;
but dying is Not a Christian virtue.

No wonder the "leaders" in Congress are going along with this farce.  We
have been so silent in the face of a vicious onslaught that they wonder
if they have a constituency.  Have you ever noticed how the repugs
Embrace their right wing, garnering their votes, while dem leaders act
as if their left wing is somehow dirty and insane, and just assume they
will get their vote? What's wrong with this picture? No, of course, we
shouldn't vote repuglican, nor do all really far left ideas make
sense -- but we should be working in the Primaries to cast out the
faintheart naysayers who have allowed the Democractic party to become a
weak ape of the Republicans.  What made them think they could
out-Republican Republicans? That's not what we're here for.  Republican
leaders accept and practice (as they did in the FL election) racism, so
who are our leaders to not even Listen to ideas from the left.

So in this vein, here are a few more ideas for marching signs:


They may all seem a bit silly, but How have the repugs brought us so
low? By endlessly repeating things until they are beleived.  It really
does work, but just because a strategy is used by the bad doesn't mean
it's not a good strategy.  History is littered with dead polities that
wouldn't use good strategies.

And being generally smarter and more creative, we can do it Better than
the repugs.  Certainly, the above are clever enough that if seen enough
some newsmen might report them.  The point is to put doubt in people's
minds -- which is all the repugs do.  Let them start asking, "Why are
they saying this?" "Did George steal the election.?"

Here's another idea:

GOP: For Big Business; Against Small Business

That may not resound, but it's important.  The biggest support the GOP
gets is from millions of small businessmen and women all over the
nation, who have the foolish idea the GOP, which causes recessions that
kill small business first, is on their side.

A perfect example of this is California, where they pushed for the
sacred GOP icon of deregulation in order to enrich the giant energy
companies.  Their bribers got rich, indeed, but the cost of electricity
has dectupled, to the point where thousands of small businesses have
gone Out of business.  So much for the GOP being business-friendly --
we're only talking Allstate and Exxon here, folks, not the local mom n'
pop.  Ask any small businessman this question.  If Big-Mart comes to
town and destroys all the local businesses by selling below cost ( and
Then jacking the prices ), whose side will the GOP rep be on, after he
has gotten a hefty donation from Big-Mart? Who has he Traditionally
voted for? You guessed it.  The purpose of big business is to Eat small
businesses.  Anyone who thinks a politician can support Both is
dreaming.  I'm not saying big business is all bad -- it isn't.  I'm
saying that again and again, the GOP Fools people who don't know their
true aims into voting for them.

Another sign:   GOP = RACIST.  On my site, I've done this as a  visual
pun.  GOP is in blue letters, then a slanted red line comes down from
the P making it an R, and this ends a red "acist" But here is another
way the GOP has tried to get what they Really think of as the "colored"
vote (that includes Asians and Jews, who were Both given a hard time
when trying to vote in FL).  When it comes down to it, as they proved so
Nakedly in Florida, the GOP curries the racist vote, practices racial
discrimination,  and is racist to the core.

Now, I'm not talking about Republicans you know.  Many are decent folks.
They just don't Realize what their own party leaders are about.  I have
a website that exposes corrupt insurance companies
(insurancejustice.com) , and Most of their victims, and the people who
contact me, appear to be Republicans -- since Republicans are more
heavily insured on average.  When they contact their state or federal
reps, who are Awash in millions of dollars worth of campaign
"contributions" from this wealthiest of all industries, guess how much
help they get? And the smart ones do research, soon finding out what a
moneywhore their GOP "leader" is.  A lot of them become Libertarians or
Independents in disgust  (they still don't want to be Democrats ;')

So rank-and-file Republicans, who will also suffer from the recession
Bush is cooking up to scare people into his tax cut for the rich, will
also suffer.  And as with insurance company victims, they are smart
enough to see the truth if it can be shown them -- and especially how it
will hit them in the pocket.  Throughout an eight year business boom
they've all been crying for a repug Prez.  Now they will get what they
prayed for, along with an artificial recession and "energy shortage"
that will benefit Exxon and also Bush's billionaire contributors through
tax cuts and lowered wages.  But the rank-and-file GOP is going to see
just what betrayers their leaders are, if they can be shown the truth,
as opposed to the spin they will get, blaming it on everyone else.  Of
course, the GOP is trying to figure out how to pin the coming problesm
they will create on Clinton, but that has failed thanks to Alan
Greenspan, who saw through their nasty little plot and cut interest
rates to give us a six-month reprieve from the Republican policies of
Want.  When the collapse comes it will be GOP and nothing else.  Of
course, they'll also claim it's because little Georgey was taking too
much criticism.  But look at all Clinton did despite a Barrage of
righwing attacks.

This doesn't mean I would vote for Clinton again, though.  He pulled the
party too far to the right, which is why we have been in hiding,
pretending to be Republicans as their vicious right wing beats its
breast.  Perhaps Gore will pull away from this dead center, or someone
else more vibrant will come along.  An engine on dead center will not
run. Economic dynamism comes from people having differing beleifs and
contending, but in a Fair way -- since unfair contention destroys the
system -- just as the cheating of the vote will, if not corrected.


Some I've heard already, but as I pointed out, repetition is a key, and
we have to keep saying this guy is Not the legitimate President.  A lie
allowed to go on without challenge soon becomes the truth.


Lots of politicians change residence, and they can argue that, but
Cheney undid himself by his own Greed, accepting property tax
deductions, and thus proving himself a TX resident, right up to the
election itself.  Most smart pols would have changed residence a tad
sooner.  No way he can squirm out of that one.

Here's one I like but I just can't think of a reason for it ;')   BUSH

Okay, crude and absurd slander has been the style of the GOP for quite a
while, so why not ;')

Actually, the GOP has been merciless about Ted Kennedy's accident, but
we haven't heard about Laura Bush's drunken homicide at all, which is
the main reason she married that bad-tempered twerp, since she killed
her fiance.  I guess we're just not as mean. So that's another sign:
TWO DRUNKS IN THE WHITE HOUSE   That could get interesting.  I don't
think Georgey's sudden vote-getting "conversion" to Jesus is going to
keep him off the sauce forever.  He'll escape his handlers and creators
eventually.  That's another thought:


Not since GE created Reagan has there been a President so totally
lacking in Any quality, so completely created by  his handlers.  This is
a guy who never did a lick of work, barely got through school, and only
lost money in business.  He was set up again and again by his dad and
his dad's friends, but still failed miserably.  And worse, he robbed
people on the way, committing all sorts of crooks and scams along with
his brothers.


You know, the GOP has been allowed to be vicious for eight years, and
act as if that boob Reagan was some kind of God -- somehow ignoring the
massive deficit he created that Clinton erased. And now they want to
create another deficit, which will of course, benefit bankers.

One idea for pics is the motif on my site -- the bandit mask -- a good
visual reminder that this guy not only stole the election, but if you
look into his past, has lived his whole life by scams and thefts.

Well, those are my ideas, and if PROUD TO BE A LIBERAL isn't strong
enough, the Repugs can always KISS MY LIBERAL ASS ;')

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