pcWisdom is about all things related to personal computers and the internet.  This will attempt to address a technical world in understandable terms. My goal here is not to make you an expert but to provide help in a way that is easily understood with just enough jargon so when you hear the words again, you will have an idea what is being said.

This website compliments the pcWisdom YGroup at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcWisdom/.  You are welcome to go there and join the group and seek assistance to any issues you have with youR computer and/or the internet.   I also welcome others with a technical understanding that can help in the same way to join.

Current Articles

Virus, Hacking, Spy-ware, Spam and other annoyances,  privacy in a public place 

Viruses, Hoaxes, Virus Myths, Urban Legends and Hysteria

Email address encrypter utility.  It will generate the script and script tags to use in place of your email address and will hide your address from email address harvester robots.  It also has a noscript tag for those scriptless browsers.  It was used to create this link.  You can contact me there.


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