Bush Protest at Yale May 21st 2001.

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    Vilma Fox and Bob Kunst
     Jon Bexell
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Other Protests
     CTRally January 20, 2001
     NYProtest June 19, 2001

YALE PROTEST AGAINST BUSH - MAY 21, 2001 On Monday, May 21st, Yale will be honoring G. W. Bush.  And we will be there en masse - alongside students and all those upset to protest with our voices all of the issues that bring us together.  It's easy to get to Yale from most of the East Coast, New Yorkers will want to take the Metro North New Haven Line, Bostonians and Rhode Islanders have mini-buses chartered (contact Jon Bexell at jon@legitgov.org for more info) and from anywhere else it's one Amtrak away.  So call in to work sick, because if there's anywhere you want to be on May 21st, it's going to be protesting in New Haven, CT. 

Photos of the protest event will be posted after May 21st, so come back and share the memories.

If your issue is choice - you should be there.
If your issue is the environment - you should be there.
If your issue is poverty - you should be there.
If your issue is globalization - you should be there.
If your issue is the Election - you should be there.
If you have an issue - you should be there.

Click the Protest Notice and Press Release for more info.

If you have any questions or if you'd like more information, please contact Jon Bexell  jon@legitgov.org.




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