We Are Moving.

If you are here looking to sign up for a new account, please use http://po.iUpTown.com instead.  Thanks for your understanding.

As you all know, I had to move the website that provides all of the iUpTown services a couple weeks ago.  Because of restrictions at the new web provider, I can no longer provide the free web based service for email addressed to Your.Name@iUpTown.com and will have to move your accounts to a service that provides email at Your.Name@po.iUpTown.com.  I have set up an account for each person that currently has email here.  An email with the logon information for the new email service is in your existing Inbox, don't forget to jot this information down.  You can forward any emails that you will need to the new account and then delete all email from the existing account.  Logon onto the new email at http://po.iUpTown.com, the 'po' stands for Post Office.

If you have any questions or problems transferring your account, contact , your iUpTown email administrator.

The existing services will be shutdown on Aug. 1 2000.

Thanks for your understanding.

Paul Coleman