Protest George W. Bush at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut at 10:00am on May 21, 2001

May 19th is right around the corner.

And so is May 21st - when G. W. Bush is going to be honored by Yale (for what?  Nobody knows... Something to do with payola) during Yale's commencement.

Rumor has it they're even going to give him an honorary degree... Now if you think that isn't appropriate, then I'll see you there!

This is a great opportunity to follow up after the Voter Rights March.  Make it a double-whammy and protest against him in DC, then come out to CT! Keep up the pressure!

Here's all the info everyone needs:

We are meeting at Grand Central at the Metro North tickets booth at around 7:45 am to get the 8:07 to New Haven
which will get there at 10:a.m.--where a reporter will be waiting for people! I hear this will be a big demo with buses coming in from Boston and Rhode Island--full of people who hate Bush.

go to for more details


There is a bus leaving from Boston and Rhode Island going to this protest.  To get yourself on that bus, which will arrive to meet us at the New Haven stop at 10:00AM, please contact Jon Bexell at  and I will forward you to the appropriate contact.


Meet us at the New Haven Metro North station at 10:00AM. Please contact me for maps. For organizing buses or transport, just let me know so I can announce it.


When we get there, we will be taken to the designated ďProtestĒ area. For map information please check out:

Central Campus, Old Campus Area
New Haven Station

This information is subject to change. Any updates will be sent en masse.

For more information, if you have questions, just want to say youíll be there, need help with more detailed directions, whatever, feel free to send  Jon Bexell a note at  Ė Iím more than happy to help!
This will be a huge event... The protest that is. 

No matter what your issue, Environment, Choice, Supreme Court, etc... It all comes back to one thing. George W. Bush is illegitimate, he didnít win the popular vote and he didnít win Florida (USA Today, 5/11/01). The people donít want him or his cronies making decisions that affect the globe and weíre not going to take it anymore.

So come out and speak your peace. It isnít about anything besides Bush.  He stole the election. He wants you to drink arsenic and breathe CO2.  And heís debating your womb in Washington right now. And the budget?  Well... Just tell him to cut the crap, not money for the poor.

Fight this sick administration. Fight to restore your rights. Keep the momentum alive after May 19th and make sure at least two people you know are coming along. I want to pack that New York train and all of the buses that are being organized throughout the New England area.

From New York trains to Boston buses, youíre wanted and welcome. Join us in protesting this sonofaBush.

For more information contact Jon Bexell at or go to for more details