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Check out the pictures taken by the wedding photographer.  Continue to watch the site for additional pictures that we may add to the site.


Itís you that are adding fun to the site and adding to the memories, so we urge you to sign the Guest book and add general comments about the wedding, identify the people in the pictures, or add comments about the pictures. Comment on as many pictures as you like. The easiest way to do this is to open two internet connections to the site: one connection to the page with the images for keeping track of the picture #ís you are referencing, and one connection to the Comments. Use the number to the left of each picture when adding comments so that we can relate the comment to the correct picture.

If you have pictures that you would like to add to the site, send photographs (no negatives!!) by snail mail (USPS) or e-mail (*.jpg file, highest resolution) and we will convert them to web-ready format. [USPS: Memorable Moments ; PO Box 414.; Hadlyme, CT 06439; or e-mail: ]. The easiest way to send pictures is to have them developed at a place that does Kodak developing like CVS. For an additional $4.99 per roll, they will put the pictures on a floppy disk in addition to the normal (negatives and prints) developing process. You can mail us a copy of the floppy or just send them by e-mail. If you add a self addressed, stamped envelope, we will return them as soon as they are copied. Otherwise, we will try to get them back to you somehow.

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