The people that provide the engine for this service no longer offer it for free.  This means that because WatchDubya has no means of income that I will no longer be able to provide this service.  It was real while it lasted. provides a very limited version of their service here.  you can also use Google news, a link is provided above.  I hope this will get you by.

These news pages are updated every fifteen minutes as the news breaks (with the exception of the "News Archives") from 1800 news sources.  The current news will be loaded when you open the page.  To refresh the current news after visiting a while, just click on the link for that page in the menu above.  If the words "Looks like the server is busy, try again" appear instead of the list, wait a few minutes and try the link again.  This happens when the work load is heavy and no list is returned.   Visit often to stay on top of what is going on.

The headline ticker at the top of the page lists, the Top Stories from around the world.  Click of the text to open a new window and display the news article.

The list format:

Use the following list to display the headline list or click on the news menu at the top of this frame.
100 news articles that contain the words "liberal, democrat, republican, senate, house, congress, Dubya or Bush"
100 news articles about "US Politics"
100 news articles by "US Political Columnists"
100 news articles about "US Social Policy"
100 news articles about "Women's Rights"
100 news articles about "Personal Data Privacy"
100 news articles about "Human Rights"

The archive of the News articles from the beginning of the Coup are not listed in the same format as above.  Just click on the link to open the news article.

News Archive