Charges for Memorable Moments Web Sites

Hosted at

Built by Computer Services Contracting (CoSeCo)

The Web Site:

o     You select a name for the web site.  It could be your last name, a favorite word, or the theme of the occasion or just about anything.  Site names must be unique, so if the name you selected is already used, your selection will need a modification. Words can be separated by a hyphen (“-”) or an underscore (“_”), or numbers can be added.  YourSiteName cannot include spaces and will be used to navigate to the site –so keep it short to make it easy for your friends to type in.

o     This is YOUR complete web site, not just a page somewhere in Cyberspace.  The site will be hosted at  There will be two ways to navigate to your site:  either or –you can see why keeping “YourSiteName” short will make it easy for your friends to navigate to it!


Standard Web Site Includes:


Economy Web Site Includes:


Standard Camera:


Economy Camera:


Condition for Base Rates:


Basic Fees:

Standard Site

Economy Site

Create the web site and ensure internet access to it for 6 months



Provide CD Rom of web site after 6-month maintenance period expires



Build the Photo pages and transfer the images to the pages







Extra Fees:

w        Each Economy Camera        $65

w        Each Standard Camera        $75

w        $10 per scan

w        $40 per page (max 10 scans per page)

w        A web page that includes digital stills and possibly stills from the video in this price.

w        The video and the stills (in electronic format) will be given, unedited to the renters of the site.

w        If on site pictures are purchased, a narrative commentary about the event to be used on the main page can also be purchased – $100

w        Within 30 miles of Hadlyme, CT – $75

w        Each additional 30 miles –$75