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Inaugural Day Rally for Democracy Planned at State Capitol Building in Hartford
Hartford,   January 11, 2001
A rally for Democracy is planned at the Capitol Building on Inauguration Day, January 20, at noon.  Concerned citizens will gather to protest the Supreme Courtís decision to select a President and to show support for voter rights  and true Democracy, where all votes are counted.
Events are planned locally to provide a voice for those who cannot attend Inaugural March protests in Washington, DC.   Similar rallies will occur in Norwalk, Springfield, Northhampton, Holyoke, Boston and in major cities around the country.
This grassroots organization of citizens is part of a large, affiliated network of internet groups and individuals that began forming during the election controversy.  Many were involved in demonstrations to support counting all the votes.   This loosely knit group of activists believes the fundamental, constitutional guarantee of equal protection was ignored by the Supreme Court.  The group represents the majority of voters in this country who did not have a voice and did not elect this President.  Recent cabinet choices and political ideologies of the new administration are not representative of their majority vote.
Connecticut participants are part of an incredible network of Americans using the internet for political activism.  Democrats, Greens, independents and even disenchanted Republicans are communicating and uniting to encourage better representative government. Voting and campaign finance reform legislation, a Voter Bill of Rights and other measures for protecting Democracy are on the agenda.
The rally at the Capitol building on Inauguration day will be the beginning of unprecedented citizen activism in the state and throughout the country.