CT Rally News

Make your signs ahead of time. You can find some slogans at
If you have any suggestions, send them to me and I will add them to the list
(if they are non-violent and peaceful).  This does not mean that you can't
put whatever you want on your signs (I'm sure you'll keep it clean).

Wear a looped ribbon, the format is the same as you see everywhere.  An
orange ribbon for the Florida Travesty, a black ribbon for the death of
democracy.  Better yet --wear one of each or one that is both orange and
black (like the one in the signature or the CTRally web site).

We need:
- Volunteers
- musicians and/or a band
- a P/A system (not needed if we get a band)
- sign making materials for people who come to the Rally without signs.
Items include blank poster board, magic markers, lathing to support the
signs (from a store like Home Depot works best), a staple gun with sturdy
staples to fasten the signs to the Lathing.
- materials for making the ribbons or pre-made ribbons for those that don't
bring there own (orange, black. or orange and black ribbon) and small pins
to fasten them with. 
-Let me know what you are going to bring.
Email: CTRally@CoSeCo.com
Website: http://CTRally.iUpTown.com

Wear an orange and black ribbon